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B2C & B2B Appointment Setting & Lead Generation California:

Here at the Partner Source we take pride in servicing all of the California companies who use our services. We have serviced sales divisions of Fortune 500 companies all the way down to single person owners of small start-ups. If you want it done right the first time, that’s us.

Some of the Appointment Setting industries that we cover

dot Accounting Firms
dot Bio-Technology
dot Office Furniture
dot Copier Services
dot Security Firms
dot Office Maintenance
dot Print Media Advertising
dot Radio Advertising
dot Shipping Logistics
dot Payroll Services
dot Merchant services (POS)
dot Medical Software
dot Green Industry
dot Banking
dot Yard Maintenance
dot Janitorial Services
dot Banking
dot Consulting Services
dot Healthcare
dot IT/Computer services
dot Elevator Maintenance
dot Content Management
dot Employee Training
dot Engineering Services
dot Finance/Investment
dot IT Solutions
dot Recruiting
dot Staffing
dot Logistics
dot Manufacturing
dot Publishing
dot Telecom
dot Time & Attendance
dot Website Development
dot Management Consulting
dot Pharmaceutical Sales
dot Website Design
dot Internet Market

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I spoke to a good friend of mine who heads up a Fortune 1000 company in San Jose, California. We talked about tips that he has used to help him with B2C & B2B Appointment Setting and Lead Generation in California. He told me that California has a lot of technological ways to assist, but sometimes there are things you can do manually in-house to get the job done too. Here are 5 ways to get help with B2B Appointment Setting and B2B Lead Generation for your business.

  • Press Releases Obviously this is more of a marketing departments role, however, you can bring ideas and topics of interest to the marketing department for them to execute. PR is the best tool for building your brand – both products and company. PR can start buzz about your products or company (or both) which will help you since people want to work with successful organizations or “known products.”
  • Case Studies This is where the sales team can contribute success stories for the marketing group to write up. Then a brochure, flyer or PDF attachment for emailing your prospects and customers. You will need this type of information for credibility. The key here is to keep it all about the problems encountered by the customer and the beneficial results they received from your help. Again, no selling, tell the story so your prospect will become curious as to how you did it and contact you.
  • White Papers This is a special report, survey of customers or some important information that can be viewed as valuable information. Interesting enough is the fact the higher level executives tend to be the ones who actually read or study these white papers. If you are selling to higher level executives this is your tool of choice.
  • Webinars Here is something everyone in your organization can get involved with to both generate high quality leads and move into the best of class status in your industry or market.The most important is to start using them right away. They are working for the organizations and sales professional who are using them every month
  • Newsletters This is one of the best tools for keeping you and your company’s name in front of both customers and prospects. Quality content is always in demand, and the interesting thing is key players will read good content every time.

If you are located in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacrament or anywhere else in California. Let us be your go-to partner.