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We here at the Partner Source have provided B2B Appointment Setting to IT Services companies ranging in size from start-up to F500’s worldwide. The Partner Source team consists of intelligent and articulate American callers (Located here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America) who have worked in the industry for years, we speak IT.

When an IT Services company needs to increase performance they turn to the Partner Source. Why outsource your B2B Appointment Setting to a third world country, do you want third world results? All of our American callers have successfully produced high quality sales leads for many IT companies around the world. Almost half of the Fortune 500 companies outsource appointment setting to other companies per the Wall Street Journal. The reason is simple, appointment setting companies specialize in appointment setting. Partner Source knows how to meet a clients requirements allowing for satisfied reoccurring business for both of us.

Q: What kind of experience does the Partner Source have with IT Appointment Setting?

A: We have had many Sales Managers call us and say their teams are miserably under-performing and that they need some help. Many of these organizations have done a complete 180 while working with the us. The reason is that their inside sales team was now concentrating on actually selling to the prospects and not looking for prospects. Having your sales team actually selling 100% percent of the time can do wonders to your annual numbers. Leave the prospecting to us and we’ll keep you and our sales team busy!

Let us keep you busy selling and leave the sales prospecting to us!