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Here at the Partner Source we are proud to offer B2B Lead Generation & B2B Appointment Setting services to our SEO providing customers worldwide.

We cannot even count the number of companies jumping into the SEO industry, so it can be difficult to find truly qualified prospects that are ready to sign up for your SEO services. The Partner Source can custom tailor a Lead Generation campaign for your organization no matter the budget or size of the project required.

A few methods that have worked well for us to obtain leads for our SEO clients:

1. We obtain lists of startup companies that have secured large funding from angles or other investors. The data proves that these companies are willing to spend on SEO knowing it can increase inbound sales and overall market presence.

2. We call into companies that already have good presence but are falling behind their competitors in categories such as Key Words, there is a lot more to SEO than search results! You have to take into consideration things like algorithmic effects on various search engines. It makes our jobs easy on the Lead Generation end as it’s simple to prove the ROI to possible prospects. SEO is easy to measure compared to others areas of measurable business within an organization and decision makers understand it.

Why use Partner Source for B2B Lead Generation & B2B Appointment Setting?

Almost all of our callers and have a tech sales background from companies such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and more. We know the industry and how to speak the language in a consultative way. We have provided qualified SEO leads to companies ranging from F500’s to single developers looking for side-business.

Professional American callers make all of your calls, NOTHING is outsourced to a Third World country as most of our competitors actually use call centers located in places such as the Philippines and India to make your calls. (Research proves Third World callers yield Third World results, don’t waste your money or time on these bait and switch lead generation companies)

Let us keep you busy optimizing and leave the sales prospecting to us!

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