News) “Increase your Inside Sales performance overnight” (the best B2B and B2C)

Improve Your Sales…..Instantly!

Here are three techniques your inside sales reps can begin using right away to instantly improve their sales:

#1 Getting past the gatekeeper. Please have your sales reps begin using Please. When the receptionist asks, “Can I tell them who’s calling?” your rep should always answer, “Yes, please tell (prospect) that (sales rep’s name) is holding please.” And then watch as they are instantly put through without any more screening.

This one technique alone will improve their contact rate by more than 50%!

#2 Never, ever call and say, “I was just calling to touch base (or to see how things were going, etc.). That’s not why you are calling. You are calling to close business! To improve, always call with a reason like, “Hi this is Mike Brooks with the ABC Co., and I’m calling to let you know about our December special. Did you know that if you act now you can save…”

Develop your own opening line, but always open with an active statement and give your customer a reason to buy.

#3 Stop repeating the objection! You would be surprised how frequently I hear telemarketers say, “Oh, you’re not interested now?” or “So you don’t have the budget at this time?” WHAT?!

The sooner you stop repeating their objections and begin asking your customers what it will take for them to buy, the sooner your sales will grow. Whenever you get a no or a negative, always counter it with a positive buying question like, “What will it take for you to place an order today?” or “Where could you get the budget from to take advantage of our great special today?” or even, “When you do place your next order, what will you be likely to buy the most of?”

The more opportunities you give your customers to buy, the more orders you will get.

Practice these techniques today, and watch as your sales begin to soar!